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  • The transportation of the luggage is included in our tours and it will be done by our staff or our partners along the way.
  • Every time the customers change accommodations, their luggage (one baggage per person) will be transferred to the next hotel. Our partners are requested to transfer the luggage in the morning so that it is waiting for the customers in the next hotel by the time they arrive. The customers must leave their luggage at the reception clearly identified with their full name and contact details, and it must be securely locked.
  • Authentic Trails provides luggage tags that must be filled-in with the tour leader’s details/surname (person responsible for the reservation), number of items that have to be transfered for each booking (for example, if clients have 3 luggages in total then they have to write down in the tag of each luggage “1 of 3”, “2 of 3” and “3 of 3”) and it must always be attached to the luggage.
  • Customers must not leave inside the luggage any valuable items, fragile equipment or other items that might be damaged during normal baggage handling.
  • Despite careful transportation and baggage handling, Authentic Trails and its partners cannot be held liabile or accountable for the loss or damage of any valuable objects, fragile equipment or other items in the customer’s luggage.
  • Camino de Santiago: exceptionally for this tour, the luggage will be picked-up at 8h00 CET-1 in the morning at the accommodation’s reception desk and they have to be delivered until 10h00 CET-1 in the next accommodation.



Authentic Trails offers a transfer service from the airports to the beginning and final stops of our tours. Depending on the tour, it may be shared and follow certain timetables, or private and booked according to the airline schedules.

First contact with our team

After the customers pass through costums, they must go to the left toward the Meeting Point (a yellow sign). As most of our bike tours transfers are shared, this is the best place to gather all the customers. At the Meeting Point, the customer will find will find a member of our staff holding a sign saying ‘Portugal Biking Tours’ or  with their name on it.

Meeting Point - Authentic Trails



A briefing with key information about the booked tour and equipment will be given to the customers before the tour starts. Our briefing focuses more on the technical aspects of the tour, such as how to use the GPS device and all the provided gear, as well as on the adjustment of the bicycles for use. Your printed documentation will be given at this point. 



Standard Shared transfers

These transfers are included in the standard tour package and have specific schedule and starting days. This does not mean that you will be doing a tour along with other persons, but only that your transfer is made with more customers. 

Some tours, such as the Porto to Lisbon and the Douro Valley tours have transfers within the tour. These are also shared transfers and they occur at specific times. 

The detailed information on the transfers, can be found in each bike tour file. 

Private transfers

Any transfer which is not at our standard assigned time and location is considered a private transfer.These transfers are always subject to availability due to logistical reasons and a fee will be applied according to each tour.

Extra transfers to the ones already included in the tour package are managed as private transfers and always work upon request. 
Location for a private transfer: as desired

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