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Accommodation & Meals


All the accommodations chosen are special, in a great many different ways, often reflecting the tastes and personalities of the people who run them. The accommodations are 3* or 4* hotels or equivalent category guest houses; small hotels in most cases. Many of these lodgings have swimming pools, bar and meal services, on request. All accommodations include breakfast.

Accommodation in 3* or 4* hotels (or equivalent category guest houses); small hotels in most cases. Many of these lodgings have swimming pools, bar and meal services.

Accommodation in 4* or 5* hotels (or equivalent level lodgings), with a selection of services that may include swimming pool, spa and a gourmet restaurant - available. 
FOr q request with this category of accommodations, please contact us


Bike tours

All itineraries include breakfast at the hotels.

There is no half-board available for our bike tours.

  • Most of the rural accommodations don’t have permanent food & beverage services. Therefore, if the customer intends to require a meal, it has to be done in advance (in a maximum of three days pre-arrival). This is subject to availability.
  • Picnic package: customers may also request in advance a picnic lunch for the riding days, which will be delivered every morning by the hotels. That picnic will consist of a light meal, easily carried in the bike. That is not included in the regular tour and it has a fee which will vary according to each tour. It generally includes: a small water bottle, juice and liquid yogurt, one ham sandwich and one cheese sandwich, one piece of cake, one cereal bar and one piece of fruit.
  • Restaurants: our tours combine bigger and more touristic cities with smaller rural and typical villages, therefore there are two different restaurant realities:
    - In the cities, customers will have a range of places to choose from and the service schedules will be wider in order to accommodate the demand.
    - In the villages, customers will have fewer options and it will be harder for them to find places open when needed


Hike tours

All itineraries include breakfast at the hotels.

You can choose a picnic lunch, a light and easily transportable meal. If you don't want to worry about dinner, you can also choose the half board option and enjoy your meal at your nearby hotels or restaurants.

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